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Tesla launches impressive autopilot demo


Tesla has released a video on its Youtube channel demonstrating its autopilot software. In the video we can see a completely autonomous Tesla following a pre-defined path in the on-board computer.

The onboard tablet seems to show a defined route in a Google Maps style interface. The car then proceeds to drive automatically on the way in a time lapse with just under two minutes.

During its ‘Autonomy Day’ event, Tesla offered demonstrations to its investors of the new Full Self-Driving computer. Elon Musk claims it is one of the best chips in the world.

Needless to say, the technology demonstrated is impressive. In fact, only a very powerful computer will be able to control a vehicle and guarantee all the necessary maneuvers during the trip.

The Full Self-Driving Computer Seems to Be a Legitimate Pilot

The video shows us the autonomous vehicle on the freeway, some roads and some intersections. These are maneuvers that the commercial version of Tesla autopilot can not do.

The driving itself does not differ much from the current system introduced in 2016. However, this system is more complete, leading to more complex paths.

The visual interface of the vehicle is also different. There is now a blue line that demonstrates the path of the vehicle, something non-existent in the current version.

The current version of the autopilot can not show the crosses on the screen, something that Full Self-Driving can execute. In addition, on the highway, users would have to apply pressure on the steering wheel to activate the autopilot. With the new computer, these steps are unnecessary.

This is undoubtedly an important step in the advancement of Tesla. Even so, we are yet to see the behavior of this autopilot on busy roads and streets.

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