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Tesla launches an update that makes its Autopilot even more unique


What really sets Tesla apart from other electric vehicles is its technology and how it has evolved over time. Something that the brand can easily enhance with a simple software update.

One such case has recently occurred, with Tesla launching an important update for its Autopilot. With the new software, the brand’s vehicles are now able to move forward when a traffic light turns green.

Tesla autopilot already advances when a traffic light turns green

This feature is not entirely new on Tesla vehicles. Something similar is already available, but only when you have a car ahead so you can serve as a guide.


That limitation disappeared with the availability of a new update for Tesla cars. From now on, the brand’s cars will be able to continue the brand when the light turns green, even if there is no car in front of them.

However, this feature is not yet fully autonomous. In order for the car to effectively resume gearing, the driver will have to “approve” the maneuver by simply pressing the accelerator.

In addition, the brand points out in the notes regarding the new update that this function will not work at all intersections. This predicts that you will only be able to take advantage of this novelty if it is a traffic light positioned on a straight line.

As with the lane change functionality, these limitations are likely to disappear in the future. In the first case, the data collected from the Tesla fleet allowed for greater independence for its vehicles and it is expected that the same will be repeated in this case.

It is worth remembering that Tesla is preparing a major revolution in its Autopilot technology. The news should be available next year and more details will certainly be made public during the coming months.

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