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Tesla is Inspired by Cheetahs to Improve the Start of Cars! (Watch the Video)


Through a new update, Tesla launched a new start-up mode for the Model S and Model X Raven. It is called “Cheetah Stance” and as the name implies, it is inspired by the cheetah, the fastest terrestrial animal on the planet. The YouTube channel DragTimes tested the new functionality, with interesting results. Watch the video.

Essentially, the “Cheetah Stance” mode lowers the Tesla’s front suspension, raising the rear slightly. This is the same position that the cheetah assumes in the jungle, before starting with the hunting chase. A similar stance is assumed by sprinters.

According to the DragTimes channel tests, the new cheetah-inspired start-up mode assigned the equivalent of 45 more horsepower, increasing from 580kW to 614kW.

Regarding the times, with the Cheetah Stance, the Tesla Model S reduced the acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h from 2.47 seconds to 2.41 seconds. It is important to note that the tested Model S did not have the ideal tire and wheel configuration. If the Model S had equipped with Tesla’s Arachnid wheels, the results would have been better.

Tesla is the best-selling car brand in Iceland

Iceland has recently become the country in Europe where most Tesla vehicles are sold. With a country of just 364,000, the number of Tesla models sold in the small country is impressive.

Tesla arrived in Iceland in September of last year and in just a few months it has already surpassed Toyota and Volkswagen, the brands that previously struggled for supremacy.

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