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Tesla Calls For Caution In Using New Autopilot Functionality


At the end of last month, Tesla began offering one of the features it has long requested for autopilot. At issue is the recognition of STOP signs and red traffic lights on the roads.

Now that this option has started to reach more drivers, Tesla has issued a statement about the functionality. What Elon Musk’s company asks is for this function to be used with caution.

“The Traffic Light and STOP Signal Control feature will not control all intersections, so you should pay attention and be ready to take immediate action at all times, including braking.

This feature can be conservative and be slow often at first. Over time, as we learned from the fleet, this resource will be more natural. Performance can be degraded in difficult environments, with pedestrians, rain, direct sunlight or when approaching obstructed traffic controls. “

Traffic light and STOP signal recognition is still in the testing phase

Elon Musk had promised that this feature would be launched later this year. As it is easily perceived, this did not happen and it was only about a month ago that a handful of Tesla car drivers received the novelty.

Only those who are part of the Tesla software testing program have already been entitled to the recognition of STOP signals and red traffic lights. This testifies to how early this technology is and the American company reiterates it in this statement.

As with the autopilot for Tesla cars, the driver must not be unaware of what is happening on the road. Your intervention may be necessary at any time, under the risk of accidents occurring.

Tesla has already shown us that it can develop software like no other. So it will be a matter of time before this signal recognition reaches more drivers. Until then, if you are part of this experimental range, never take your eyes off the road, even with the autopilot on, and especially in an urban environment.

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