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Surface Neo: a tablet with two screens from Microsoft is at risk


When Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo in 2019, it also revealed the Surface Neo to us. This is a foldable device with two 9-inch screens and that looks more like a tablet with a hinge.

Its launch to the market was promised towards the end of 2020, but the future of the Surface Neo is today more uncertain than ever. This is because Microsoft has just eliminated all official references to the equipment.

Official Surface Neo videos and page disappear without a trace

As noted by the publication of Windows Latest, Microsoft recently deleted the official Surface Neo page from its website. In addition, all promotional videos of the equipment, present on Youtube, were eliminated from the company’s official channels.

Surface Neo

At no time did Microsoft say that Surface Neo is canceled. The company has simply eliminated a number of important references to the device that make us fear the worst.

This comes after the news that Windows 10X (Surface Neo’s operating system) has been postponed to the spring of 2021. This postponement is due to problems in the emulation of applications created for conventional Windows 10.

Additionally, it is mentioned that the first Windows 10X device will only hit the market in 2022. In other words, at best, we will only see the Surface Neo on the market that year.

Windows 10X will be an indispensable component for the smooth functioning of the Surface Neo. Microsoft’s new operating system inherits most of the features of conventional Windows 10, but it is much better prepared to work with two screens.

As we have seen with foldable smartphones, the software is a focal point for its smooth operation. Therefore, there are no viable reasons for Microsoft to launch Surface Neo to the market without its software is ready.

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