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Sundar Pichai hints that Google will develop more devices under his brand


Obviously, we think of Whitechapel, synonymous with smartphones equipped with SoC engraved in 5 nm and especially designed by Google.

For several years now, Google has no longer contented itself with being a search engine, and its product portfolio has grown: browser (Chrome), platforms (YouTube, Stadia, etc.), operating systems (Android, Chrome OS), the personal assistant (Google Home), smartphones (Google Pixel), etc. But the American giant, a subsidiary of Alphabet, does not intend to stop there: its CEO, Sunda Pichai, has suggested the arrival of new hardware products in the coming months.

Investments soon to materialize in new products

During the presentation of the financial results for the third quarter of 2020, Sunda Pichai indulged in some confidences. Asked about Google’s hardware projects, the CEO replied: “  We are making significant investments in the hardware sector, some of which will take two to three years to materialize. I am very excited about the tremendous roadmap that awaits us. He then added that some of these investments would materialize in products as early as next year.

Google R&D has already designed hardware for the mainstream market. These include the Soli radar present in the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, although absent from the Pixel 5, or the Nest Thermostat. Certainly interesting innovations, but Google could cook up something much more ambitious …

Whitechapel, SoC potentials in 5 nm

Indeed, some observers suspect the Mountain View giant of following in Apple’s footsteps and preparing its own SoCs for Pixels and Chromebooks.

This rumor dates back to last April. The code name of this more secret program: Whitechapel. These chips, designed in collaboration with Samsung, would benefit from the fineness of engraving in 5 nm. Assuming they come out, they would allow Google to emancipate itself from Qualcomm, whose solutions equip the brand’s smartphones.

In addition to better cost control and easier hardware/software optimization, these “ made by Google” SoCs would inherit “always-on” capabilities from the Assistant. According to Sunda Pichai’s statements, therefore, we may learn more next year.

Source: 9to5Google

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