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Still waiting for the 5G? 6G is already working on 6G


China Mobile and Tsinghua University have announced a new partnership for the development of 6G technology. At a time when the globe is still waiting for the implementation of 5G networks, there are already those who look to their successor.

With this partnership, the parties will join forces in the development of telecommunications networks of the future, connection to the intenet of the future, industrial internet, Artificial Intelligence and other key areas for 6G.

Chinese entities also want to promote the production and learning of this new technology. The idea is to accelerate the development of basic infrastructure for 6G and still guide the transformation and industrialization of 6G.

China Mobile is one of the most committed to research

Being a stationary operator, it is normal for you to be at the forefront of investment. It is therefore no great surprise that we see that China Mobile spends more than 2.5 billion euros per year on research. This research is carried out by a team of more than 10,000 employees.

Therefore, it makes sense that this entity is already involved in the development of 6G networks. It seems almost surreal to speak already in this type of networks, but the truth is that there are already those who are working on them.

When can we see the 6G in the market?

The answer to this question does not yet exist. 5G is still at a very early stage of its implementation, so it is still early to make predictions for its successor.

The chairman of Huawei’s 5G division has already stated that 6G will not hit the market before 2030. Of course this is a mere forecast and there is no way to gauge how correct it can be.

It should be recalled that 4G began implementation by the end of 2009. This means that it took about ten years until its successors began to be implemented.

So it makes perfect sense that 6G may not be part of our reality in the next decade. Of course development will have to start at a certain point, but it is too early to form judgments about this new technology.

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