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Spotify: new functionality promises to revolutionize the application


Spotify is preparing a new feature for the application that will change your usage with the App significantly. According to programmer Jane Manchun Wong, who has proven to be correct in the past, Spotify is preparing a “Hey Spotify” voice command.

This new feature will give users the possibility to invoke the music they want to hear simply with their voice. In other words, something identical to what we have with Siri, Google Assistant or even Alexa.

“Hey Spotify” will be perfect for the car

This feature will be useful when you are driving and have your car connected to Spotify. Be it by smartphone or even by the car application. Even so, we have to understand the extent to which new functionality can also reach cars.

It is no longer the first time that I have requested a certain Spotify playlist from Google Assistant or Siri and that things are not going as expected. So much so that I usually have to manually select what I want. Spotify will be the perfect company to be able to integrate the functionality seamlessly.

When will the new functionality arrive


The programmer found the feature by scanning the application code. For now, Spotify has not yet commented on the situation, however, we are sure that the application is working on this feature.

That is, we will have to wait and see. This solution may be the first of many that Spotify has to stand out in the market. I remember that Spotify was suing Apple for not allowing HomePod users to use its application. With this functionality, it will be simpler for integration as it will not depend on other companies to implement it.

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