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Soon You Will be able to Publish Snapchat Stories in Other Apps


The publication in Stories format is extremely popular on today’s social networks, being present on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even YouTube. However, you may not remember that the pioneer of this format was Snapchat.

That said, the social network of “fantasminha” wants to reaffirm itself as a pioneer of this format by allowing Stories to be shared in other applications. The so-called “App Stories” will allow Snapchat users to share publications via other social networks.

So far, there are four apps that support this feature: Triller, Squad, Hilly, and Octi. These are applications with a unique purpose, having no resources to implement the publication of Stories independently. As such, Snapchat can take advantage of the situation to gain ground in the social networking industry.


Tinder and Houseparty will be able to receive this feature

The application of Tinder romantic encounters and the Houseparty group activities both expressed interest in having Stories posts through Snapchat. More relevant for North American users, the integration of Snapchat Stories in Tinder can be a way to boost the profile of users.

Regarding Houseparty, this can be a step for the app to become closer to a social network. However, recent controversies over accusations of account theft may undermine this integration until the situation is resolved.

Facebook and Instagram are unlikely to accept

As Facebook and its competing platforms directly to Snapchat, these App Stories are unlikely to be integrated. Facebook has tried unsuccessfully to buy Snapchat in the past, and it will not make life easier for the social network at all.

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