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Snapdragon 730 Officially Released

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April 9th, US time, Qualcomm released three Snapdragon SoCs for smartphones in the AI ​​Day in San Francisco, respectively, the 6 Series Snapdragon 665 and 7 series of Xiaolong 730 and Xiaolong 730G.

Snapdragon 730 officially released: This time Qualcomm does not squeeze toothpaste, but also brings great benefits to gamers

Snapdragon 665: sandwiched between 660 and 670

Even from the naming point of view, the positioning of the Xiaolong 665 is an upgraded version of the Xiaolong 660, but the upgrade is not as large as the Xiaolong 670, so it is sandwiched between the two.

The core parameters of Snapdragon 665 are as follows:

  • Made with Samsung 11nm LPP process;
  • The CPU is a 4 x Kryo 260 (A73) + 4 x Kryo 260 (A53) construction with frequencies of 2.0 GHz and 1.8 GHz, respectively;
  • Support for Vulkan 1.1 with Adreno 610 GPU;
  • Hexagon 686 DSP;
  • Spectra 165 ISP, up to 48 megapixel camera, supports three shots;

Compared with the Snapdragon 660, the Snapdragon 665 has improved in terms of process technology (14nm), GPU (Adreno 512), and ISP (Spectra 160). However, it is somewhat dwarfed by the Snapdragon 670, which uses a 10nm process, a Kryo 360 8-core CPU, an Adreno 615 GPU, and a Spectra 250 ISP.

Snapdragon 730 officially released: This time Qualcomm does not squeeze toothpaste, but also brings great benefits to gamers

What is intriguing is the release time of Xiaolong 665. Previously, Xiaolong 660 was released in May 2017, and in August 2018, Xiaolong 670 was released as an upgraded version of Xiaolong 660; in such a time rhythm, a low-profile version was suddenly inserted between the two. The role of 665 is a bit embarrassing, and it can be clearly felt that it is a semi-customized version based on the needs of mobile phone manufacturers.

Xiaolong 730 & Xiaolong 730G: aiming at the game market

In the middle of last year, Qualcomm released the first product of the 7 series, the Snapdragon 710. Subsequently, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 712 at the beginning of 2019. The upgrade of the Snapdragon 710 is negligible – and the two processes The device is almost entirely in accordance with the rhythm of Xiaomi’s new machine, and is used on Xiaomi 8 SE and Xiaomi 9 SE respectively.

Therefore, according to this rhythm, the Xiaolong 730 is the true upgrade of the Xiaolong 710.

Snapdragon 730 officially released: This time Qualcomm does not squeeze toothpaste, but also brings great benefits to gamers

The configuration of the Snapdragon 730 is as follows:

  • First adopted Samsung 8nm LPP process;
  • Constructed in 2 x Kryo 470 (A76) + 6 x Kryo 470 (A55), the frequencies are 2.2 GHz and 1.8 GHz, respectively, which is 35% better than the Snapdragon 710.
  • The GPU uses Adreno 618;
  • Integrated with the latest Heagon 688 DSP, including Qualcomm’s tensor accelerator for machine learning;
  • Combined with Qualcomm’s fourth-generation AI engine, AI performance is doubled;
  • CV computer vision acceleration is supported with the Spectra 350 ISP.

It can be seen that the upgrade of Xiaolong 730 for Xiaolong 710 is still very obvious, which is reflected in the process technology, CPU, ISP and DSP; it can be said that it is a real upgrade.

With the Snapdragon 730, Qualcomm also launched the Snapdragon 730G for gamers, of which G clearly represents Game. In order to satisfy gamers, the Snapdragon Elite Gaming is supported by the Snapdragon Elite Gaming and the enhanced Adreno 618 GPU. The graphics rendering speed is up to 15% compared to the Snapdragon 730. Not only that, but Qualcomm is also at the content level. The game content producer was optimized for the Snapdragon 730G.

Through the Xiaolong 730G, Lei Feng also saw Qualcomm’s catering to the increasingly severe smartphone market.

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