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Snapchat’s childish filter is red, but also reflects its social dilemma


“I think it’s a bit interesting about this. Everyone is saying that Snapchat is over, but the sudden gender transition filter makes you realize that Snapchat may not be over yet. You still download it and use it.” In the “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” program, member Gandhi talked about Snapchat’s red-hot gender conversion filter.

Snapchat’s red-hot gender conversion filter has brought it back to the top of the download list, and entertainment and sports people have used the latest gender conversion filters, which has become a trend. Everyone has shown photos of their own men and women in the social network, but the social network is not necessarily Snapchat.

Football gender conversion chart. (Source:BR FOOTBALL)

Taking a sexual photo with Snapchat and downloading photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram has become a common choice for many users. Snapchat doesn’t seem to be a social platform for people’s impressions, more like a photo processing app, a shooting tool.

Even earlier, some people thought that Snapchat gradually lost the characteristics of social platforms and lost its appeal to users. But most people recognize this because of Kylie Jenner’s speech on Twitter:

Is it only me that I no longer open Snapchat? It’s only me… it’s sad.

Kylie Jenner of Kardashian is one of Snapchat’s most popular star users. When such a representative user says that he no longer opens Snapchat, the stock price is also affected . At the time, Snapchat’s share price fell by 6%, and Snapchat’s market value lost nearly $1.5 billion.

YouTube founder Roly West also said on Twitter , “I like Snapchat’s new gender conversion/baby face filter, but everyone just downloads it and then passes the photo to Instagram.”

There is a lot of similar evidence, and ITV’s “Love Island” program used to be a brand that uses Snapchat to market. This reality show shared its exclusive content with fans in the past few years, when a large part of the fan base was using Snapchat. Today, the show has been a big success, and the brand marketing of Love Island has nothing to do with Snapchat, even though this platform once had their biggest social media audience.

This does reflect the decline in the number and adhesion of Snapchat users.

In July 2018, Orchard believed that Snapchat user activity had decreased. “If I open Snapchat now, there may be only 7 friends uploading stories. A few months ago, this number easily exceeded 40… It is undeniable that after redesigning, the number of users has dropped.”

In the first quarter of 2019, Snapchat said that daily active users reached 190 million, an increase of 2%. This is the first time in a year that Snapchat has stopped users from falling, and has not continued to shrink in previous seasons. Snapchat Chief Financial Officer Lara Sweet also said in an interview with the analyst: “We expect that there will be no continuous decline in active users in the first quarter of 2019.”

With the gender conversion filter red, Snapchat’s new season user growth should be very impressive, but this does not obscure the fact that Snapchat is losing its social platform attributes. People still use it, but may no longer think it is a social application software.

Forrester market analyst Jessica Liu once said: “The biggest problem with Snap is still the lack of attractiveness beyond the core user base.”

Snapchat is a social app that young people like, but people outside of core users may use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. They copied Snapchat, imitated Snapchat, and finally defeated Snapchat.

In December 2012, when the media asked Evan Spiegel about Facebook’s new, almost identical copy of Snapchat’s standalone Poke, the young CEO only returned three words:

“Welcome, Facebook. Seriously.”

This is not the first time Facebook copied plagiarism, it was just the beginning. After Facebook’s Instagram, even copying the Snapchat’s Stories feature, it was a successful plagiarism. Soon, Instagram’s Stories daily activity is tied to Snapchat.

Use your method to grab your users. Snapchat, which has suffered a lot of grievances, can only watch the number of users gradually decline. When Big Mac slammed and mimicked Snapchat with a combination punch, Snapchat did have nothing to do. The user base of Instagram and Snapchat overlaps, and when both meet the user, it is difficult for the weak Snapchat to retain the user.

Snapchat also said very honestly, “Instagram recently launched the Stories feature, which largely mimics the characteristics of our story and may be directly competitive.”

After several updates were rated by users, and competitors made fewer mistakes, in the battlefield of the social network, Snapchat did not keep up with the pace of the opponent.

Snapchat is still the world’s best “social platform” for filters, and there are still many users. But what Snapchat wants more is that users socialize here and live here, instead of downloading photos after they take photos and uploading them to Twitter or Instagram.

I saw this filter on Instagram, so I turned on Snapchat, took photos of my sexuality, and then turned on Instagram to share with friends.

More and more people have changed their impression of Snapchat. They may no longer open every day, but instead learn from other channels that new and interesting filters are available, and then go back to Snapchat to continue using them. This is obviously not what Snapchat wants to see.

But everything is like Evan Spiegel responding to users who have been scared away by Android’s bad updates: “Re-establishing trust with users takes some time.”

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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