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Snapchat employees use ‘secret’ tool to spy on users


Even though it has passed its ‘golden times’, Snapchat continues to have tens of millions of active users every day. Therefore, privacy issues remains a much-discussed topic with regard to social network security.

Now, according to sources from the site, it was revealed that several Snapchat employees abused the use of a ‘secret’ tool to spy on users. It has not been clarified whether this tool is still in use today and has only been confirmed to have actually taken place some years ago.

Created to match specific requests for data access by the authorities, the tool – SnapLion – allowed easy access to various users’ private data, as well as their publications.

These tools are everywhere, users are not to be forgotten!

These tools for accessing private information are part of a necessary standard in the technological world. Being essential to comply with laws that require companies to grant access to the most varied type of information about their platforms and users.

So it’s up to users to be sure that behind the social platforms they use, there are always other people. Although these tools are ‘protected’ by strict rules of use, there are always employees who are willing to abuse their abilities by using them for personal benefit.

Nowadays, the only way to 100% protect our privacy and our data is to be completely offline . However, this is a literally impossible option for many, and inconceivable for most. Therefore, we must be very careful about what we share online, and the type of information we put on the various platforms.

However confident a company may be, remember that there is always a ‘human hand’ behind its operation. Therefore, any type of security measure applied may be abused by one of its employees. Always think twice if you would care, or not, that any stranger had access to the information you are publishing.

Poorva Virmani
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