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Smartphones with camera under the screen will not be produced in 2019

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OPPO and Xiaomi came out for a while after posting videos of their latest prototypes that featured a selfie camera positioned beneath the screen. Recently, OPPO has returned to the spotlight, after confirming that it will have news to be revealed as early as June 26.

However, although many fans have hoped that this would be the date of the first smartphone with the new technology, this will not be the case. OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren confirmed through a publication in Chinese social network Weibo that these screens will not reach the production lines in 2019.

Oppo Technology June 26

New technology still takes some time to be ready for mass production

Shen Yiren said that due to the complexity of this new technology, they are not yet at a level that allows them to start production in large quantities. Therefore, it is confirmed that the desired smartphone will not be displayed during the MWC2019 in Shanghai.

On the other hand, it is possible that the manufacturer demonstrates one of its prototypes, in order to achieve even more hype around the new technology.

It is impossible to confirm whether this technology will actually be implemented in the brand’s new smartphones by 2020. However, it seems that this may happen during the second half of next year.

Assuming the brand will be able to perfect the technology and that starts its mass production during the first half of the year. Your smartphone might show up during the summer of 2020.

One of the biggest hindrances of this technology is the quality of Selfies

There is no doubt that putting a camera under the screen is much more complex than it may seem at first glance. They needed to develop a panel with the ability to present image, and become invisible when needed.

In addition, this ‘piece of glass’ also serves as a lens for the camera. This is one of the biggest challenges that OPPO is facing, and it has already been confirmed that the quality of the photos is currently not ideal.

Still, it will certainly be interesting to see what the manufacturer will have to bring us during their next event on June 26.

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