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Smartphones and wearables can measure an employee’s performance. Find out how


A group of researchers from various universities have devised a new system that allows you to constantly evaluate the performance of any employee. For this, only a smartphone and a smartband are required.

This system consists of assessing the physical, emotional and behavioral condition of an individual. It is on the basis of this information that the level of performance of the official concerned can be determined.

According to data released by the researchers responsible, 750 people were tested for one year. The results obtained have an assertiveness rate of 80%.

How does this performance appraisal system work?

This concept makes use of our smartphone to evaluate our physical activity, location, use of smartphone and ambient light. In turn, the smartband is in charge of monitoring heartbeat, stress levels, sleep, weight and calories burned.

This data merge is then sent to the cloud. There, it is along with a machine learning software that is determined the level of performance of that person.

The results obtained so far demonstrate that the more productive use their smartphone for less time, have greater periods of deep sleep and practice more exercise.

This entire assessment system is based on the technology developed by Professor Andrew Campbell of the University of Dartmouth. This, in turn, was created with the intention of predicting the academic performance of students, using the same parameters.

This evaluation system is designed to help increase our performance

The creators of this system state that their creation should be used to help get the most out of every employee. It may even be used to replace the human interviews that have so far been carried out in any company.

Still, there is a fear that companies may misuse this technology. There are fears that bosses can use this system as a way to constantly measure the productivity of their employees. A concern already expressed by privacy experts and lawyers specializing in labor law.

It is not yet known when this technology will become available

Those responsible for this project are saying that this technology is not yet available for use. In fact, it may take years for this to happen.

At this point, we can not gauge if this system will ever be made available. However, we can not be naïve to believe that those responsible for this project do not want to make a financial return from the time spent in their development.

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