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Samsung shows mysterious and futuristic smartphone in promotional video

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Before watching the promotional video or even dreaming of such a smartphone, you must be aware that it is perfectly possible that this smartphone will never be released. However, we think it would be worth talking about.

Samsung launched a promotional video for a new air conditioner that shows us a smartphone concept that we’ve never seen before. A device with almost no margins and no camera on the front. That is, without notch or holes.

Watch Samsung’s Promotional Video

The smartphone follows the lines of Samsung and it is very likely that it will be done on a computer. However, this is an advertisement from Samsung.

That is, before this advertising was revealed by the brand on its Youtube channel and in the future on televisions and the internet, it was seen by executives who know the direction of the company.

This may be the next step for Samsung smartphones

Samsung Galaxy

This brings me to the next point. It is more than obvious that Samsung is working on smartphones that will hide the front camera inside the screen. This is the way forward and Samsung is usually always at the forefront.

Therefore, I believe that Samsung missed this advertising because they want to sell the air conditioning in a few years and do not want to portray it as something “old” when showing a video where a smartphone appears a few years old. Because in air conditioners 3 or 4 years is nothing, but on smartphones it is an eternity!

In short, take this video anyway you want. Personally, I believe that this video is a reflection of Samsung’s smartphones and I believe that it won’t be long before that happens.

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