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Samsung Prepares Tablet to Directly Rival iPad Pro

samsung galaxy fold

Having a tablet capable of replacing the computer is an old desire of users. The iPad Pro (2020) is very close to achieving this, and it seems that Samsung is already preparing a model to combat it.

According to the SamMobile website, the successor to the Galaxy Tab S6 has already entered the development phase. The first information shows that the equipment will arrive in sizes of 11 and 12.4 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This means that, at least in terms of size, it will be a product equivalent to Apple models. The equipment will be under the model name SM-T97x and SM-T87x, with Wi-Fi and mobile network versions.

The current Galaxy Tab S6, which was reviewed by 4gnews, has a 10.5-inch screen, which can be considered small for users who want it for productivity. As you might expect, your successor will hit the market with the best possible specifications.

Samsung’s next tablet could be called Galaxy Tab S20

The same source says that Samsung may choose not to call it Galaxy Tab S7 and also make the leap to Galaxy Tab S20. In this way, the names of the tablet line would be aligned with those of the smartphone line.

At the end of the day, it will always be an Android device, which ends up limiting it compared to the iPadOS fully optimized for the tablet experience. However, it will be an interesting option for anyone who wants something on the Google operating system with these sizes.

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