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Samsung Galaxy S20 May Devalue Much Less


The devaluation of smartphones is one of the biggest problems of manufacturers. However, Samsung seems to have found a way to make its latest Samsung Galaxy S20 not devalue that much.

According to the new information, (and a website under construction by Samsung), the company will be prepared to pay for the Samsung Galaxy S20, 50% of its value 2 years later. This is when the time comes to change your smartphone.

Measure may keep the price of Samsung Galaxy S20 higher for longer

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

That is, if Samsung is prepared to pay so much for a smartphone 2 years later, it is expected that the market will not yield to the pressure of new equipment and keep the price of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 at a higher value for longer.

Samsung is not one of the worst brands when it comes to devaluing their smartphones. LG, Sony or even Huawei, seriously lower the price of their smartphones a few months later in order to reach more pockets.

Samsung Galaxy S20

That is, whoever bought the equipment at the launch price will feel cheated. Worse still, with these declines, the possible financial return on the sale of the equipment in second hand is considerably lower than the purchase.

Something to note is that it looks like the terminal will have to be purchased directly from Samsung. For now we do not have information about the possible campaign of Samsung Europe, however, it is expected that this will happen soon.

Apple is one of the companies that always knew how to deal with this

Apple is the perfect example of success. However, it is also a company that revolts many users for not lowering the price of smartphones that are clearly lower and older.

That is, Apple rarely interferes with the sale price of its iPhones. Doing so is only a year later. When the new smartphone is launched. This means that the devaluation of smartphones is seriously lower than competitors.

Just look at the price being sold on the iPhone X (launched in 2017) and the price at which the Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro (launched in 2018) are being sold.

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