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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be released in August

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series has just started selling in the world, and another series of Galaxy Note 10 has been exposed. According to the South Korean media “ETNews”, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series will be released in August before the Apple Autumn Conference, and the whole machine may adopt a physical buttonless design.

The report pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be commercialized with the so-called buttonless technology, which means that the phone is expected to cancel the power and volume physical buttons. To this end, Samsung has developed a technology that can turn the power on and off without touching the button, and increase or decrease the volume. The Galaxy Note 10 will become Samsung’s first buttonless phone.

Samsung has been working on this technology for the Galaxy Note series of smartphones, and previously purchased a buttonless module that provides a 3D Touch-like pressure sensor from a company called NDT. In the future, Samsung will not only apply the buttonless technology to the Galaxy Note series of mobile phones, but also the technology to the mid-range mobile phones such as the Galaxy A series.

The report also pointed out that in addition to the development of the buttonless technology for the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung is also working to eliminate the aperture design of the front lens, which is expected to achieve a hidden screen photography lens. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with this technology, this will make the era of buttonless mobile phones officially come, and the future will even affect the overall supply chain.

In recent years, as the size of mobile phone screens has expanded, the positioning of the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series has become blurred. Some market participants believe that the Galaxy Note series is no longer necessary. If there is no S Pen, the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy S series are almost no different.

However, according to Samsung’s definition, in addition to the original large screen and business handwriting positioning, the Galaxy Note series also assumes the role of Samsung’s new technology to test the water temperature. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a USB 3.0 interface, the Galaxy Note edge is a single-sided curved screen, and the Galaxy Note 7 is a trial of iris recognition. However, in the past two years, the Galaxy Note series of mobile phones have been too focused on sales and lack of highlights.

For example, Galaxy Note10 really uses the whole machine without button design, I believe it will form a more obvious positioning difference with the Galaxy S10 series, and attract a group of fans who are pursuing new technology, and let the market look forward to it.

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