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Samsung Galaxy Fold is selling soon but there is a screen disaster, this time in the hands of foreign media

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Samsung Galaxy Fold has been heatedly discussed since the official launch of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019). It is expected to be listed in the US on the 26th, and Taiwan will also announce its entry into the Taiwan market on the 25th. However, on the eve of the sale, the foreign media invited to the evaluation and the well-known YouTuber test folding screen have problems.

The Verge reporter Dieter Bohn, who published the Galaxy Fold evaluation recently, talked about the situation of the Galaxy Fold folding screen on the 17th. From the picture below, there is a small protrusion on the folding position of the screen, which causes 2 white lines to appear abnormally on the screen. It is speculated that a part of the shaft structure is pressed up to the OLED panel.

He also said that there is no improper use of the Galaxy Fold, just open the screen, touch operation, and put it into the pocket; for the shooting needs to stick a small piece of support clay behind the fuselage, but will not cause The screen is raised. The incident occurred two days after the report was published. It was even more painful for journalists who had just completed the evaluation. He said, “I don’t know what happened. I only know that the screen is broken.”

▲ There is a small protrusion on the screen fold. (Source: The Verge )

▲ 2 white lines meet at the screen abnormally. (Source: The Verge )

After contacting the Samsung official, the Galaxy Fold was sent back to the original factory for maintenance, and the official has not issued a statement or any opinion on the matter. Worse still, more than one person who folded the screen, including CNBC reporter Steve Kovach, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, and well-known YouTuber Marques Brownlee, also uploaded photos of Galaxy Fold screen issues in social media:

In fact, the general retail version of the Galaxy Fold is a warning, can not tear off the film, if you add a screen protector may also cause screen damage, but this time the evaluation version of the foreign media is not warning.

The problem of protrusions encountered by Dieter Bohn should be independent of the film, but he also pointed out that if you look closely at the edge of the screen, you can see that there is a screen protection film, Samsung officially called the polymer layer, not to tear off the design, So remind the readers who want to start this folding phone in the future.

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