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Samsung and Xiaomi are already starting to reap the benefits of Huawei’s problems


Donald Trump has signed an order that bans US companies from doing business with Huawei and the results are out of sight. These are already having positive effects for Chinese competitors, especially Samsung and Xiaomi.

According to Reuters, PriceSpy ‘s price comparison website (similar to KuantoKusta) reports a drop in the number of Huawei equipment searches. In contrast, Samsung and Xiaomi are in the opposite direction.

According to PriceSpy’s data , Huawei received almost half of the clicks it had received the week prior to Donald Trump’s order, in the UK alone. When we look at the global market, its popularity has dropped by 26%.

Samsung and Xiaomi win with Huawei polemics

As a result of the numbers described above, Samsung saw its popularity grow 13%. South Korea is the only company that separates Huawei from the top of the market, but with these results the gap can start to grow even more.

Already Xiaomi, compatriot of Huawei, saw the interest of users to grow 19% in the last four days. Again it is said that these are data from a price comparison site, but that reflect the interest of consumers in some products.


It should also be noted that the PriceSpy compiles data from Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Therefore, we can see that the conclusions drawn are based on a good range of countries, one of them even outside the European continent.

The source also refers to the problems that this scenario may bring to Huawei in the long run. It is still early to draw conclusions about this issue, but it may prove to be difficult for China to recover from the evils that this decision since it is causing.

Huawei ban in US could be lifted

All US companies are currently barred from trading anything with Huawei. However, Donald Trump has already opened the door to a possible change in the law.

The US president has admitted that Chinese technology could be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with China. That is, if the Beijing government yields to US requirements, Huawei may again be allowed to negotiate with Google, Intel, Qualcomm and many others who have already cut off relations with it.

But this last scenario is just hypothetical at this point. Nothing assures us that this can happen and even if it happens, no one knows what damages will already be done to Huawei’s reputation at that time.

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