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#RipFortnite Hits Trends on Twitter! Rivals Continue to Gain Ground


Almost since its launch in 2017, Fortnite managed to win the title of “King of Battle Royale”, starting a wave of popularity that ended up resulting in several new games. For a long time, the only viable options were PUBG and Fortnite, but over the past year, this scenario has undergone major changes.

Since then, we have seen extremely popular games like Apex Legends and classics like Call of Duty and Battlefield have also launched their own Battle Royale versions. Now, it seems that competitive pressure is beginning to affect Fortnite’s popularity, proof of that is the fact that the hashtag #RipFortnite is on Twitter trends.

#RipFortnite Twitter

Obviously, this does not mean that Fortnite will disappear, or that there will no longer be millions of active players “overnight.” However, it is clearly a sign that Epic Games is failing in one of its main strengths, being able to keep players “addicted to the game” thanks to its constant implementations.

Epic Games starts to have difficulties in attracting its millions of players

For a long time, one of Fortnite’s greatest strengths has been the constant release of new content and exciting changes to your island. However, it seems that after three years, Epic Games is finally starting to experience difficulties in managing to keep the millions of fans happy with its news.

A lot of criticism has been released for some time now, and there are always some details in the updates that create some controversy among the Fortnite community.

Recently, in addition to controversial implementations, many users complain about server instability. However, considering the “global quarantine” that has been imposed, it seems unlikely that Epic Games can be held responsible for these problems.

Fortnite rivals continue to gain ground with enticing offers

Nowadays the offer in the “Battle Royale” segment is extremely rich, with an ideal option for all types of players. Over the past few months we have continued to see titles like Apex Legends and PUBG growing in numbers of active users, thanks to constant updates.

More recently, we saw the launch of the new Call of Duty WarZone, available for free and with impressive quality. WarZone is at such a high level that it managed to decimate the active user records set by Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Despite continuing to be the Battle Royale game with more active players, Fortnite needs to innovate again in this increasingly competitive segment. Otherwise, you could end up having your leadership threatened very soon.

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