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Replica Apple AirPods (for iPhone and Android) are irresistibly priced


The Apple AirPods have quickly become one of the most popular bluetooth earphones ever, featuring only a single counter giant, its price. For that reason, many replicas have begun flooding the usual online stores. Although the vast majority do not outweigh the risk, these i13 TWS are most likely one of the most interesting.

It’s true that you can not expect this Apple AirPods replica to be able to offer a user experience at the same level. But with a price below € 20 (you know more here ), certainly worth the investment. In addition, you can ensure a very interesting quality in the quality of music playback, as well as during calls.

Apple AirPods Replica

Features that will make you love these bluetooth earphones

As with Apple AirPods, these earphones are also compatible with various virtual assistants. That is, without needing to pick up the smartphone, you will be able to interact with Siri or Google Assistant. In this way, it will be extremely easy and practical to obtain a wide variety of information, as well as perform many tasks.

The i13 TWS would not be a quality replica if it did not arrive with a shipping box that would also be used to carry them. In fact, with these earphones, you will not need to make frustrating constant calls to your smartphone. When you remove one of the earphones from the box, it will connect automatically, making the whole experience much more productive.

Time and ease of loading that will impress you

As far as its autonomy is concerned, it is not surprising. Each of the earphones contains a 35mAh battery, capable of offering a range of 2 hours to 2.5 hours of uninterrupted music playback. Although the autonomy could be much higher, it is important to emphasize that to reach a maximum load, it will only take about 1 hour.

Another point in favor of these earphones is the fact that your carry / carry box supports wireless charging. In other words, the entire charging process is even easier if you have a charging pad available.

Apple AirPods Replica

A price hard to resist

The Apple AirPods and even the Galaxy Buds are technologically advanced earphones and offer a spectacular hands-on experience. However, its price is certainly not within the reach of all users. So it is with good eyes that we see the launch of this kind of quality replicas.

For less than 20 € you will be able to have in your hands a set of quality bluetooth earphones, which will surely make you forget your low price in less than nothing. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to Apple AirPods, look no further! 

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