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Reddit Was Bitterly Attacked By Chinese Net Army Invasion Netizens


Recently, the large-scale discussion platform Reddit has been injected by Tencent, which has attracted a lot of attention. In addition to the influx of funds, the Chinese network army has recently been integrated, leaving China’s remarks in different versions of Reddit, causing netizens to complain.

The Chinese network army has always been a huge force, and it can turn over the wall to different platforms that have been blocked in China, including Facebook and Reddit, etc., with a large number of accounts to express support for China’s official statements and promote China’s soft power. Some netizens complained on Reddit. For example, in Canada’s Subreddit (sub-discussion area), a large number of Chinese network troops bombarded messages in posts about Huawei and Mengzhouzhou.

The incident has caused some Reddit netizens to think that they are now facing the bombardment of the Chinese Net Army in addition to the Russian public opinion infiltration, which is quite troublesome. Reddit administrators revealed that they have recently seen new accounts actively commenting on negative Chinese posts, commenting on posts supporting China, “Post Post”, and on sensitive topics (such as the June 4th Massacre, Falun Gong, etc.). Related posts in the wash, and more and more frequent and rude, the situation has far exceeded the similar behavior in Russia. Some netizens think: “Our freedom of the press and the open Internet are being used by our opponents to subvert democracy. It is quite ironic.”

According to Reddit, they did not find any organized content on the platform after the investigation. It is not easy to distinguish whether the message is from a patriotic user or an account controlled by the organization, although there are already regulations prohibiting registration of new users less than 20 days. Leave a message, it will help the problem, but these users can wait patiently and start to leave a message after the 20-day deadline.

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