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Realme Watch S Pro will make you forget the brand’s first smartwatch


Realme entered the smartwatch market with Realme Watch. With a square format, this was an immediate success with more than 15 thousand units sold in just two minutes.

But the Chinese company is determined to do better with its next gadget. This will be known as Realme Watch S Pro and thanks to the FCC entity we already know some important details of the smartwatch.

Realme Watch S Pro

Realme Watch S Pro will have a round appearance and interesting features

The American regulator has already had the next Realme smartwatch in its offices and has shared some details with the world. The first that stands out is its round screen, contrasting with the square panel of the Realme Watch.

Tastes are relative, so this Realme Watch S Pro should appeal to a different user style. If you get along with both formats, you will be pleased to know that the new gadget will have some very relevant features.

Realme Watch S Pro

Perhaps the most relevant is the inclusion of GLONASS GPS that we do not always see in more accessible models. This technology will be important for the navigation system of Realme Watch S Pro to produce more reliable results.

We should also mention that the Realme Watch S Pro will come with a 1.39-inch round AMOLED screen with a 454 x 454-pixel resolution. The presence of a 420mAh battery, oximeter, heart rate sensor, and sleep monitoring was also confirmed.

Although no details are yet known regarding the price of this Realme Watch S Pro, the price is expected to be quite a user friendly. That has been the main compass of this Realme and your next smartwatch should be no different.

It is this combination of price and features that will make the upcoming Realme Watch S Pro a gadget to keep in mind. An option that will be much more interesting than the one that the brand already has on the market.

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