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Real Iron Man is here. He even manages to fly! (video)


Adam Savage, a former member of the science program Mythbusters has a dream: to create a functional fact from Marvel’s hero, Iron Man. However, the intention was not just to create a realistic fact to use at carnival.

Savage wanted it to be light enough to fly. So Savage recruited a team from the Colorado School of Mines to help him build the suit. Before we go into detail, see the complete video from construction to flight tests.

How the fact of Iron Man came true

iron man

Savage and his team used as their main titanium material, made in 3D printer. Additional materials such as nylon, glass fiber and urethane were also used for coating. The fact even includes folds and joints to resemble even more the true fact.

In terms of power of propulsion and flight, the team used 5 mini-jet engines, each with 1000 horsepower. The engines were glued to the exoskeleton in the style of a jetpack. Two thrusters on each arm provide balance.

The fact was still tested bulletproof. Savage claims that if there was a Tony Stark in real life, these would be the technologies he would use.

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