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Publications are unhappy with revenues from Apple News +


According to a report published by Business Insider , there are several publications that have been disappointed with the revenues originated in Apple News +. According to what is mentioned, the creators of content have received a tiny part of what Apple had promised.

At the launch of Apple News +, the US company promised 10 times more revenue than its previous service Texture. However, the complainants state that they are receiving only one-twentieth of the fiancé.

Another point of contention has to do with the time that users start to read a news story. According to the publications, Apple is not doing a good job of encouraging readers to spend more time on the application.

Apple News

This point is also extremely important for publications. This is due to the fact that they are paid depending on how long you read the content.

Apple News + application design is also giving rise to complaints

The design of the application developed by Apple will also have a negative impact on the time the user spend in it. In the opinion of the complaining publications, the News + app tends to hide the content they put there.

This is a point that demonstrates a certain lack of care of Apple in the design of this application. Something that goes against the philosophy of the company that usually shows extra care in everything that launches to the market.

Apple is willing to dialogue with publications

In light of these complaints. Apple has already demonstrated its willingness to improve this service. The US company says it is working to make this news service more intuitive for users. Statements suggesting a possible change in the design of the Apple News + application.

Apple News + not yet available in Portugal

Launched last March, the Apple News + service is only available in the US and Canada. The next countries to receive this service will be the United Kingdom and Australia.

After completing this phase, it follows Europe. Still, we have no indication of which countries will receive Apple News + as early as the first phase of availability.

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