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PUBG Studio Mobile wants to launch a smartphone but who will manufacture it?

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Tencent wants to take the next step in their business by launching itself in the niche market of gaming smartphones. The company has several subsidiaries such as Epic Games, Miniclip, Supercell and others. 

There are several Chinese sources that indicate a launch of this kind that will obviously have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It is very likely that, as a matter of marketing, Tencent launches the smartphone under the manufacturer’s name.


The question is really this because who will be the manufacturer that will partner with Tencent? There are several possibilities on the table like Asus, Razer or even Xiaomi’s Black Shark. 

However, all these companies have already launched their gaming smartphone, placing themselves as direct competition to any equipment that Tencent bid. It is important to note that Razer has, for the time being, declared itself out of the race in this market segment. 

What Tencent has to gain by launching a gaming smartphone

One of the most obvious advantages of launching a device of its own is the preinstallation of your services to generate more revenue. In addition to its subsidiaries, Tencent also has several mobile titles so there may be a strong marketing campaign.

Just imagine a gaming smartphone with a joint promotion of PUBG Mobile, for example. This is one of the games distributed by Tencent and the success of such a campaign is almost guaranteed.

Another alternative to enticing consumers would be exclusive content for those who buy the smartphone. An example of this was Samsung who released Note 9 with a skin exclusive to the famous Battle Royale Fortnite.

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How will a possible gaming smartphone from Tencent?

If Tencent launches a smartphone along with any of the aforementioned manufacturers, we can expect equipment that resembles existing models. This obviously means the inclusion of a top-of-the-range Snapdragon and 10-12GB of RAM.

A large battery is also required because of the main purpose of the phone. There is an interesting detail that Razer and Asus also included in their mobile phones: high refresh rates.


The Razer Phone and Asus ROG have 120hz rates on their smartphone screens. So if Tencent wants to be successful in this market, you should put this function as well. 

Unfortunately, this smartphone is unlikely to expand far beyond the Chinese market. Here in Portugal it may be possible to acquire it in the online market but we will hardly have a gaming smartphone from Tencent in the western market.

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