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One month after Tumblr blocked pornography, traffic plummeted 100 million.


The photo sharing platform Tumblr launched a comprehensive “anti-vice” campaign in February to remove all pornographic content, which caused a lot of controversy. A month has passed, and traffic has fallen sharply, proving that the new measures have lost many users.

Tumblr had child pornography on the platform last year and was released by Apple on the iOS App Store. At first, Tumblr only said to delete child pornography and work with Apple to solve the problem, but then suddenly removed all pornographic and adult content. At that time, using computer analysis, some images that were not adult content were also implicated. Due to the relatively free management of Tumblr, fans of the category of nude art or human photography can also be actively published. This has caused a large number of users to protest, but the result is still to implement the new rules as scheduled.

According to Similarweb data, after the massive removal of offending content in December last year, the number of page views decreased significantly from 521 million to 437 million in January, a drop of 17%. Of course, this will not make Tumblr immediately become an empty city, but it also loses a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, there is still no large platform that can replace Tumblr and allow adult content, so that subculture lovers lose the place to share.

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