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Nvidia shows technologies for video calls that look more like black magic!


With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, many people have had to adapt the way they work. Certainly for this reason Nvidia seems determined to solve the problems of video calls.

It was (and is) by video calls that most companies communicate during the pandemic. Those who manage to keep their business at a distance, get together in a video call in order to organize the business.

The miracle of Nvidia’s technology for video calls

In this video shared by Nvidia we can see some of the improvements that the company wants to bring to the world. We are talking about technologies that would significantly improve video calls.

  • Improved image quality with fewer internet resources
  • Camera follow the subject
  • Improvement of funds (without green screen)
  • Background noise (serious) cancellation
  • Avatar introduction (why yes)
  • Instant video call translation
  • Video Compression with Artificial Intelligence
  • Moving the head of a subject looking to the side

These are the ideas of Nvidia’s new technology. It is not the first time that we have seen companies working in this type of tech. However, not all of them seem to be able to solve the problems as efficiently as we saw in the video above.

Nvidia video calls improvements

Google, for example, already has the technology to “follow” us on video calls with Google Duo. Google Duo also gives us a good noise-canceling tool. However, far from being as good as the one we saw in the Nvidia video.

Microsoft, for example, is another company that has also been serious about improving immediate translation with Skype. Something that Nvidia promises to compete.

We don’t know when these improvements will arrive on our gadgets, however, it seems to us that we are close to the final work.

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