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Nokia unintentionally invents automatic mirroring and turns into a joke


Nokia of HMD Global in full 2019 used its Instagram to extol a curious feature of its smartphones, which, well, is present in any basic product of the industry.

The company has gone out of its way to enhance the automatic brightness of their devices, but you’ve got it right: it’s been cool to post a video demonstrating how this “novelty” makes life easier for the user when light conditions change suddenly. But she did it all wrong.

As you can see, the brightness of the screen increases when the light is turned off, and reduced when the lamp is lit again. It seems like some kind of joke that no one understands, but the piece is just that, showing that maybe the company does not quite understand how adaptive brightness should work.

Of course, many users have been alerted by the comments, area that turned into a memes mural after the publication.

Despite this small problem, HMD Global is not afraid of the dark: it has been discovered that the camera app for some of the company’s smartphones will soon receive a night mode for photos , improving the result of low light conditions.

Nokia, the network and infrastructure industry, wants to take advantage of Huawei’s bad time to grow in the global 5G market , and then we are talking about modern technologies, did you hear about HMD Global?

And you, do you think there is any intention behind such misleading publicity so curious? Tell us in the comments!

Nandini Singh
From a very young age I was interested in computers and technology in general, I had my first computer at the age of 10 and at 15 I set up my first tower, since then I have never stopped. Whatever technology, I'm in the front row to know more.

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