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New virus discovered on Android! This man can easily steal your Facebook account

facebook hacked

A new Trojan horse virus has been discovered by Kaspersky Labs. The virus is called the CookieThief Trojan and proliferates on Android phones. As its name implies, its purpose is to steal cookies, the virtual “tracks” of users’ interactions with websites.

When it manages to steal cookies, this virus gains access to those where you have placed login credentials, such as email and password. This way, your Facebook accounts, and other social networks are at serious risk.

Depending on your usage habits, it is possible for customs to delete cookies. However, the majority of users keep them, as they save the effort of placing credentials whenever they log into accounts and websites.

Kaspersky confirms only 1000 infected devices

Regarding the CookieThief Trojan, Kaspersky reports that the number of Android devices affected is quite small so far, with 1,000 infected devices. However, as with any malware or virus, the trend is to continue to spread.

Unfortunately, Kaspersky has not yet investigated the origins of the virus but says that it can be installed on the device even before it reaches the user. The CookieThief Trojan hides in the form of a root file that intercepts all types of information.

However, according to Kaspersky’s tests, the virus seems to focus more on Facebook. The virus even manages to trick Facebook’s defenses, making the application believe that access to the account is being done by the user’s trusted device, when, in fact, it is on a remote server. However, it is not all bad news. Kaspersky has already added the virus to its database, making it easy to detect on devices.

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