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New update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 brought unexpected problems


The latest update released for the Samsung Galaxy S10 came to enhance the performance of your camera. However, problems that have nothing to do with your camera begin to be described in platforms such as Reddit or XDA Developers.

According to what can be read in these forums, several users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 are experiencing application locks and the unexpected restart of the smartphone. These issues arise in both Samsung’s own applications and third-party apps.

For example, we have reports that the Samsung browser or Gallery has unexpected locks. Additionally, some people complain about a quick discharge of the battery of their Galaxy S10 or the unexpected restart of the equipment.

Twitter application, WhatsApp or New Launcher are among the affected

On the side of third-party applications, the one that has caused the most problems among users seems to be the Twitter social network. This has blocked several times, according to known reports, where only the restart of the equipment can reverse the situation.

WhatsApp and the New Launcher also come up with a range of apps that suffer from the same issues described above. Perhaps the number of reports related to them is smaller simply because they have fewer users. This is something we can not measure unequivocally.

Galaxy S10 family

How to get around these problems?

The known reports suggest that only when the device is restarted is it possible to regain normal use. A factory data reset is also suggested as a more drastic solution to the problem.

We can not gauge how globalized these problems are, but we can see from the number of reports that there have been isolated cases. Still, you can see that there are a handful of Samsung Galaxy S10 users who seem to be immune to the issues reported in this article.

So far there is still no official statement from Samsung regarding the problem. In any case, it is expected that soon the South Korean can launch an update that will correct all these setbacks.

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