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New Samsung Galaxy Buds will have a Profound Design Makeover


Samsung introduced the second generation of its Galaxy Buds last month with the Galaxy S20. However, new information indicates that South Korean is already developing its successors.

The publication Winfuture had access to 3D schemes of what is expected to be the next earbuds of the South Korean. The shared images show how the new gadgets will have a design seriously different from the Galaxy Buds +.

Galaxy Buds
Credits: Winfuture

Code name “Beans” couldn’t be more appropriate

Winfuture says that the new earbuds are internally known as “Beans”. Given the design shown to us, this designation fits like a glove.

In fact, the new Galaxy Buds will look very similar to a bean. This design will allow the earbuds to fit fully into the user’s ear, but not everyone should be happy with this change.

Galaxy Buds
Credits: Winfuture

The main concern that arises with this approach is how safe these Galaxy Buds will remain in our ears. An even more latent concern with those who wear these accessories during a run.

Features remain a mystery

The source was only able to obtain information regarding the design of the next Galaxy Buds. Its main characteristics remain a mystery, for now.

However, when looking at the images we can see the presence of three microphones. It is hoped that these could mean the arrival of active noise cancellation to Samsung earbuds.

It is also notable for the presence of two columns of different sizes. Without certainty, it is possible that one of them is dedicated to the reproduction of higher-pitched sounds in an attempt to raise its general quality.

The next top of the range for the South Korean will be the Galaxy Note 20. Its presentation should take place in August, so it is possible that the new Galaxy Buds will be presented on that occasion.

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