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New Samsung Galaxy Buds will be a Serious Competitor to AirPods Pro


A few days ago we got to know the design of the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Buds. Codenamed “Beans”, it faithfully portrays the aesthetics of the upcoming South Korean earbuds.

Now we learn more details about these gadgets. According to the South Korean press, the new Galaxy Buds will finally bring active noise cancellation.

Galaxy Buds beans

Now, the Galaxy Bus will be a rival to the AirPods Pro

One of the main novelties brought by AirPods Pro is the active noise cancellation. This made these gadgets a huge success in the market, despite their price of € 279.

That is why many were disappointed when it became known that Galaxy Buds + would not bring the same functionality. Everything indicates that Samsung will now correct this less positive point.

When we saw the first renders of the new Galaxy Buds, we noticed the presence of three microphones. This detail immediately foresaw the presence of active noise cancellation and it seems that the theory will be confirmed.

Price of the new Galaxy Buds will be your big advantage

According to the same sources, Samsung’s new earbuds could reach the market at around $ 140. Even if this gadget arrives in Europe for 150 €, it will be an excellent alternative to AirPods Pro.

If these values ​​are confirmed, the new Galaxy Buds will arrive on the market with a substantial difference compared to AirPods Pro. We are talking about more than € 100 less, which can captivate many users.

The remaining features of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds remain a mystery. Judging by the little that is known, these could relaunch Samsung in this niche market.

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