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New iPad Pro Deactivate the Microphone for Your Privacy


User privacy is an increasingly sensitive issue and Apple did not want to ignore the issue. For this, its new iPad Pro has a feature that aims to increase the privacy of its users.

When you close the magnetic cover of your iPad Pro 2020, the tablet’s microphone will be disabled at the hardware level. This is to ensure that no application can spy on you while you are not using the device.

Apple says that this feature is compatible with its covers and those certified by the MFi program. It remains to be seen whether third party covers will also be able to trigger this function.

iPad Pro

Microphone deactivation was inherited from MacBook

If this feature is not unfamiliar to you, it is because it is not entirely new. Apple debuted this feature in the 2018 MacBook line. Here, too, the laptop’s microphone is disabled whenever the computer cover is closed.

It is important to note that the deactivation occurs at the hardware level. In this way, Apple makes sure that no application can access the device’s microphone and record the conversations you may have.

This kind of fear began to emerge as smart speakers became more popular. In order for you to be able to invoke them with a voice command, this means that your microphone must always be active.

The main concern is to know to what extent the background conversations are or are not heard by the company. Apple already came to admit that some employees heard conversations recorded by Siri, hence the importance of disabling the microphones at the hardware level.

After this feature has moved from MacBook to iPad, it is very likely that the coming iPhone will have the same right. This will only be discovered in late summer, once the iPhone 12 is introduced.

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