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Netflix: Will Not Collaborate With Apple on Video Streaming


Internet TV streaming service Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said on the 18th that if Apple launches video streaming service, Netflix will not cooperate with Apple to authorize its own content, but also admits that competition is intensifying and content is being obtained. The cost is rising.

Apple will hold a spring presentation on March 25th, US time and March 26th, Taiwan time, at the Jubs Theatre. The market is out, Apple is expected to enter the video streaming platform market.

Netflix held a Labs Day event at its headquarters in Los Angeles on the 18th. The media focused on the impact of Apple’s possible entry into video streaming services. Hastin said that Netflix has been facing competition for more than a decade, with rivals being very large and well-funded companies, including Amazon, Disney, Warner and more.

Justin is optimistic that if there are great competitors, it will inspire Netflix to show the best performance, and competitors will have some strengths to learn, so that the competition can bring benefits. However, as competitors increase, the cost of getting content is getting higher and higher, although this is helpful for creators.

The media asked that many companies may publish content through Apple’s rumored video streaming service, and whether Netflix will also consider it; Hastings first praised Apple as a “great company”, but Netflix wants people to use Netflix. The service to watch Netflix content will not integrate Apple’s services.

He emphasized that Netflix is ​​constantly thinking about what new programs can be developed and how to use new technology to make members happy. This is Netflix’s vision and an opportunity to continue to grow.

Netflix product director Greg Peters said that Netflix is ​​growing fast in the international market, with a wide variety of content and programs broadcast globally. Netflix is ​​not only a content producer or technology company, but should actually be regarded as an entertainment company. The key to the future is how to tell stories more convincingly.

Peters said that Netflix believes that good stories should be found all over the world, so set goals for the best in the content industry years ago. During Netflix’s expansion, Netflix continued to invest in creative stories outside the United States, and now there are many different cultures on the web, including programs from Spain, Germany, and Turkey.

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