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Netflix tests Instagram-style search feed


Netflix is ​​testing an Instagram-style feed that shows you trailers , photos, and alerts for series and movies. As a good social network feed , this feature gives the user the opportunity to share these publications in third-party applications.

The big goal with functionality is to get more involved with the content you like, and discover new things. For now, this is just a test that is not available to everyone, and may not become permanent.

netflix feed extras
Credit: Variety

Netflix is ​​always looking to show you new and better content that suits you. This is a familiar way of showing, since the “Instagram format” is something that many users appreciate for its simplicity.

Netflix wants you to connect more deeply to content

“We want fans to get deeper into the content,” a Netflix spokesman told Variety. In this feed, videos play automatically and mutely, and image galleries can be viewed horizontally, just like in Instagram.

The users included in this test can access the feed through the dedicated Extras button. This will not replace any element of the app that already exists, and it’s no wonder if it’s not yet available to you.

One of the problems that users face is the choice of content to see. This type of solution comes to further aid in this regard. In my case, functionality is not yet available, as these tests vary both in time and region.

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