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Microsoft Windows 8 already has its days counted

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 completes four years of life in 2019, but it looks like four years is the lifespan of the two previous versions of Windows or at least 8.1.

In fact, a new note from the company itself proves that the updates for its applications will only be distributed until July 1, 2023. Soon, what will happen with Windows 8.1 will be already applied this year, also on day 1 of July, on devices with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and other versions.

Windows 8

Truth be told, there are no major losses with regard to the installed base of users, given that, combined, at a global level, both have a market share of just over 5%. That is, it can not be said that many will be harmed by such a measure.

Windows 8 and 8.1 were irreverent enough!

However, from another perspective, the two versions of the operating system of the American company were much more relevant than one might imagine. After all, looking mainly at Windows 8, its irreverence was unique. The minimalism associated with it led to other  competing software  adopting it and, on the other hand, that the Windows devices were modernized.

Although they did not exist today, that is to say, with tactile and increasingly mobile screens, the truth is that it was the introduction of the system that eventually accelerated this process. And of course, prepared Windows 10 so that it had a much simpler course in this adaptation.

Even so, the truth is that very few users will really feel the difference in the loss of support of these versions of the Redmond company system. Finally, if you still have such equipment, we suggest equations to your exchange if you can.

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