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Microsoft says it will continue to support Huawei computers


Speaking to PCWorld, a Microsoft spokesman said Huawei computers will continue to receive support from the US company.

Huawei has recently been barred from trading with US companies. Despite the uncertainty that the US government’s decision has brought, there is at least one company that will continue to support the Chinese company’s equipment.

Huawei computers will continue to receive updates for Windows

What Microsoft is now declaring is that all the computers that Huawei has on the market will continue to receive important updates for Windows. All the enhancements and fixes that Microsoft release for Windows 10 are guaranteed.

Although the US Department of Commerce has prevented negotiations with Huawei, Microsoft believes it may continue to offer its support. These statements thus coincide with what the Chinese technological said a few days ago. There, and Huawei ensured that all their Android computers and smartphones would continue to receive updates.

Intel will also continue to support Huawei computers

Intel is another US company that has strong ties to Huawei. Its processors have been used in Chinese computers and its support also appears to be guaranteed.

Intel also confirmed to PCWorld that it will continue to make security fixes available to Huawei. The drivers required to run your hardware will also continue to be available.

Future equipment may still be at risk

The big problem seems to lie in what the future holds for Huawei. Donald Trump’s decision will thus have implications for future devices.

Huawei is unable to buy new hardware from US companies: thus, it will become impossible for China to acquire new processors, new graphics cards or even new versions of Windows.

this has already had repercussions in the IT department of Chinese technology. According to what has been advanced, Huawei will have suspended the development of new computers. A measure that will certainly be reversed if the US raises sanctions against Huawei.

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