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Microsoft joined the ban on Huawei?


After US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban Huawei, many US technology companies began to stop dealing with Huawei, and Microsoft may join the ranks.

After Google announced that it would terminate its cooperation with Huawei and no longer provide Huawei Android system, many people are also curious if Microsoft will follow up the authorization to stop the Windows system, but Microsoft has always refused to comment. Recently, however, Microsoft has quietly removed Huawei’s MateBook X Pro notebook from its own online store. Before Trump releases an executive order, it can also find MateBook X Pro in the list of laptops in the online store. But according to the technology media “The Verge”, Microsoft’s physical channel continues to sell the existing MateBook X Pro.

The MateBook X Pro page originally on the shelf in the Microsoft online store has now disappeared

Assuming that Microsoft really issued a Windows ban, it is likely to impact Huawei’s server solution, because Huawei also uses Microsoft’s Azure computing platform. Although I huawei has also developed its own operating system as a replacement for Windows and Android, it is still unclear how the development of these operating systems is progressing. Huawei’s consumer business executive Yu Chengdong said that Huawei “is still more inclined to cooperate with Google and Microsoft’s ecosystem.”

Although Huawei has obtained a 90-day buffer time to allow software updates and fixes for Android systems, such buffered licenses do not appear to work on laptop Windows systems. In any case, as long as the ban is further expanded, it may hit Huawei. The last ZTE, which was heavily sanctioned by the United States, was severely hit by the US ban after it violated the trade ban on Iran and North Korea. ZTE was forced to pay a large fine and agreed to the US conditions before the US lifted the ban three months later. However, ZTE’s brand image and business were damaged. The outside world estimated that it would lose at least RMB 20 billion.

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