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Microsoft is responsible for Artificial Intelligence present on BMW cars


Microsoft software giant and respected automaker BWM have teamed up to create something unique for the latter’s products. Named Intelligent Personal Assistant for BMW, this personal assistant will be your co-pilot if you have a car from the German company.

This new software is based on the Microsoft Azure platform and will allow users to interact with voice commands with their cars. Think of a Cortana or Google Assistant but this time, directed to your car.

Thanks to Intelligent Personal Assistant for BMW you can perform various tasks while driving through simple voice commands. You can ask your assistant to change the air conditioning levels of your car. Or even to close the roof of your BMW.

Microsoft’s BMW Assistant gives you more reasons to boast about your car

Making appointments in your personal calendar is also within the distance of a voice command. That is, everything you can imagine for a personal assistant will be present in BMW cars.

We all know the BMW cars for their fantastic design, enviable performance and comfort and everything you could ask for a high-end car. All this will continue to be present in these cars, but now with more reasons to boast about your vehicle.

Incorporating a personal assistant into a car is the technological evolution we could all imagine. The main purpose of this type of technology will be to increase our comfort and safety while driving.

The video at the top of this article demonstrates some of the potential of this new technology. However, this is constantly evolving, so more possibilities should emerge in the near future

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