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Microsoft aims to create more work in the market of Artificial Intelligence


Microsoft intends to open up the market for artificial intelligence. In this sense, the technology giant has partnered with the nonprofit General Assembly, which is dedicated to providing education in various fields of technology around the world.

Microsoft intends to invest in the training and certification of about 15 thousand people in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence. This training will focus on science and data engineering, cloud computing and machine learning.

In the first year of the project, Microsoft will train 2000 people in AI-related capabilities. In subsequent years the company will form over 13,000 people in other related areas. This program is planned until 2022.

This increase in AI workers will undoubtedly expand the market and open up new employment opportunities. AI-trained employees will be able to work across Microsoft platforms such as Azure.

Microsoft will export its skilled workers

Together with the General Assembly, Microsoft will establish an Artificial Intelligence Standards Framework or AI Standards Board. This will be an administration that will create, set and regulate credential standards for Artificial Intelligence.

An IA talent network will also be created, with the purpose of seeking candidates for training and subsequent employment contracts. The recruitment company Adecco will also join forces to provide infrastructures.

Essentially, Microsoft wants to create a working platform for anyone who has working skills in Artificial Intelligence. As a relatively new market, workers will be protected with adequate training and credentials.

This initiative will have a positive impact on the technological world

Microsoft is one of the most important and relevant technology companies on the planet. Its impact will then continue as it is estimated that this initiative will create about 133,000 new jobs by 2022. The company believes in the potential of Artificial Intelligence and is making large investments in this field.

Therefore, Microsoft is investing in technologies not only to sell products or attract investors. This investment represents new opportunities for thousands of people who want to learn about AI and be able to work in the area comfortably.

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