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Mega Bug Firefox: All extensions suddenly disabled – Fix is ​​on the way


Firefox users worldwide have problems with add-ons in their browser on Saturday. Because an important certificate has expired, all extensions are disabled. Mozilla is working on a fix.

Because Firefox provider Mozilla has apparently missed to renew a so-called intermediate certificate, add-ons are currently classified in the browser as a security risk –  and disabled . The certificate needed to sign the add-ons would have had to be renewed a few weeks ago, as Golem writes . That did not seem to happen. Mozilla has meanwhile announced a fix that will be rolled out in the coming hours.

Firefox extensions disabled

According to Ghacks, popular add-ons include popular extensions like Lastpass, Ghostery, Noscript or Ublock Origin. Anyone wishing to use these extensions will currently receive notifications about his add-ons such as “could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been turned off”. Affected users should, however, not remove any of their extensions, since they should function normally after the fix by Mozilla. Meanwhile, new add-ons can not be installed.

Until Saturday evening or Sunday morning at the latest, a fix announced by Mozilla should solve the problems with Firefox extensions for desktop users. Users do not need to take any active steps, the browser developers promise. However, if you want to make sure that the problem resolution quickly arrives at your own browser, you should make sure that Firefox has the option of conducting so-called studies.

Fix via Firefox study

The appropriate box “Allow Firefox to install and run studies” is usually checked. It can be found in the settings under “Privacy & Security” – far below. With the use of the study system Mozilla is able to distribute the bug fix quickly and easily. But it can take up to six hours to resolve the problem. Users can check to see if the fix is ​​complete by entering “about: studies” in the browser line. There then the study “hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug-1548973” would have to be found.

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