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Medifundo Launches First Crowdfunding Campaign


In contrast to existing crowdfunding platforms, medifundo has a very specific approach: the platform focuses exclusively on life sciences companies, which by their very nature have difficulty financing sufficiently. With this, the creators want to establish financing via their platform as an alternative to existing financing options and as a new way of corporate financing.

In the process, the persons responsible for medifundo around Peter Biewald define the life sciences sector quite a bit, namely from drug development to medtech, diagnostics, tool and service providers to e-health and other services. Moreover, the support of the crowd financing platform is not reduced to raising capital alone. “We want to support our companies in the longer term and provide them with our complete life sciences network, so that our platform can generate positive effects far beyond financing,” emphasizes Biewald.

Experienced makers

Biewald and his founding partner Marcus Irsfeld are extremely experienced in life sciences. Both spent several years in the Martinsried biotech scene as CFOs and gained management experience in other industries, such as IT. This gives them good access, especially in the area of ​​e-health, but also in medical technology topics. In the past, they and their team were able to collect more than EUR 250 million in financing. The internal medico-technical evaluation of the medifundo portfolio companies takes place via a network or “Medical Advisors”. “In line with our approach that the more complex products and business models of life sciences companies are best appreciated by investors affluent to the industry, we primarily target healthcare professionals,

EUR 5 million and more are possible

About medifundo Life Sciences companies can raise up to EUR 2.5 million. This is made possible by the Retail Investor Protection Act passed last year. “Taking into account that the funds raised are considered as own funds, so often can be applied for in the same volume on this basis,” adds Biewald. “In addition, many development banks are prepared to reflect the funding volume achieved, ie to invest the same amount again. In the best case scenario, a financing volume of more than EUR 5 million can be achieved, which is an attractive sum for biotech companies, for example. “In addition to crowdfunding, medifundo also aims to provide business angels, semi-institutional investors and family offices and institutional investors as (co-) investors. “The primary goal is

Pipeline is filled

medifundo has just placed the first company, BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH, a company that has developed a significantly more efficient technology for the purification of protein acids than the current methods. The companies that are part of the medifundo pipeline are also distinguished by their innovative concepts and technologies. They come from the fields of medical technology, nanocarriers and digital health and should present themselves to the crowd in the foreseeable future.

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