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Mastercard: 5,980 Percent Plus – and now with Apple Boost


Apple is looking for new business as a provider of subscription services. In addition, the Group is launching a credit card from Cupertino: on the one hand as a virtual credit card in the Wallet app, on the other hand as a real card. Apple partners are Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. The project is basically too big to fail.

US launch of the new Apple credit card is in the summer. After that, it could also be introduced in other countries. “Over time, we’ll definitely think about international opportunities,” said overseas banking chief Goldman Sachs, Richard Gnodde, CNBC’s US channel on Tuesday.

The highlight of the card: It should give them not only virtually in the iPhone, but also as a real map of titanium instead of plastic. The customers want to lure Apple, among other things, with a repayment of two percent on all purchases – and three percent for products of the Group.

Top deals like this one are the reason why the Mastercard stock continues to be in a flawless uptrend. A financial risk does not enter the world’s second largest credit card company with the Apple deal, as it is expected that the Dow Group will take over the marketing of the card either alone or in collaboration with Goldman Sachs. The interesting cashback model could lead to Apple not only winning millions of new customers, but also turning off other vendors’ customers.

Financial modalities do not exist yet. However, it is expected that Mastercard will receive a lion’s share of each transaction. Mastercard currently pays 0.13 percent per purchase up to $ 1,000. If someone spends more than $ 1,000, 0.14 percent will be due.

Let run

Since the IPO in 2006, the MasterCard share has gained 5,980 percent. This makes the share one of the best stocks on the US stock market. With a 2019 P / E of 30, Mastercard is not cheap, but the still high growth potential justifies the high valuation. A new record high is only a matter of time. Stay and stop at 170 euros.

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