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Limited by technology? Netflix iOS app unsupports AirPlay playback

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Netflix originally used the AirPlay feature on Apple’s iOS device to share the content of the movie to a compatible TV or device, but it has been determined that the feature is no longer supported because of “technical restrictions.”

Apple AirPlay playback technology can stream video and audio content such as movies, music, photos, etc. on iOS devices to Apple TV, HomePod or AirPlay compatible speakers, and now more third-party devices are included, including Smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, SONY, and VIZIO support the use of AirPlay 2 to further enhance the visibility and usability of the playback technology.

However, more and more third-party devices support AirPlay, which seems to affect Netflix’s willingness to cooperate. Netflix recently updated its information on the official website “Description Center” and stated that “NetPlay is no longer supported by Netflix due to technical restrictions”, indicating that the Netflix app for iOS deactivates the use of AirPlay playback.

A Netflix spokesperson said the main consideration was that it was impossible to tell whether the delivery device was an Apple TV or other device, nor did it ensure that the quality of service was up to standard. In order to give users the best viewing experience on all devices, Netflix decided to cancel the AirPlay delivery feature for the iOS app, but users can still watch the movie content through Apple TV or other devices that use the Netflix app.

Netflix and Apple’s “suspect gap” is not only the case. Last year, Netflix announced that it would no longer support the iTunes payment pipeline for new subscribers because of dissatisfaction with Apple’s “In-app Purchase” mechanism. The complaint against Apple Tax is exactly the same.

After Apple officially launched streaming audio and video services at the spring conference, the competition with Netflix was even more intense. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, had a positive affirmation for Apple’s leading company when he was interviewed earlier, but he did not say that he did not intend to cooperate with Apple’s streaming video service. He even more bluntly hoped that consumers could watch Netflix content through the Netflix platform. Instead of watching it on the Apple service.

Apple will be released the same day announced a new revision TV App the Apple *, partners in addition to a number of cable and satellite television channels, but also includes online streaming video platform such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN +, as well as Apple’s own iTunes movie content. As for Netflix, as expected, it does not appear on the list of partners.

Now that Netflix has unsupported the AirPlay delivery feature of the iOS app, it’s hard to know if it’s technically difficult, but with the Netflix Android app still supporting Chromecast delivery, it’s inevitable that Netflix might be considered by strategy.

*Note: The Apple TV app is different from another new streaming video service, “Apple TV+”, which integrates multiple TV channels and online streaming audio and video services to provide one-stop cross-screen entertainment for viewers who like to watch movies and TV shows. Service, and free to choose to subscribe to the channel or platform content you want to watch; the latter focuses on original programs and movies, is expected to be exclusively on the Apple TV App this fall.

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