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Lightyear One, the new car powered by solar energy. Know the concept in video


A Lightyear has revealed its prototype of a vehicle capable of charging through sunlight. The model is called Lightyear One, was presented with an autonomy of 725km, and a small battery that could also be charged by conventional electric means.

Lightyear One will not hit the market before 2021, but the brand is already accepting pre-bookings for the first 500 models worth 119,000 euros. The final price is anything but attractive, and amounts to $ 149,000.

How Lightyear One Receives the Sunlight

Both the roof and the hood of the car are covered with solar panels for a total of 5 square meters. These are protected by a glass security structure that the company claims to hold “an adult to walk without causing damage”.

lightyear one

Solar panels guarantee 12km of reach per hour of loading

The company also says that the car can be loaded in a conventional way for 400km of autonomy, with a 230V outlet, one night. The solar panels ensure a load of up to 12km per hour.

Lightyear One takes 10 seconds from 0 to 100km / h

In conventional charging media, the Lightyear One supports up to 60kW of charging. This gives you a range of up to 507 km per hour of charge. The four engines of the vehicle do with this one can reach from 0 to 100km / h in 10 seconds.

This is a vehicle designed to be quite light, which makes it, according to the company, more efficient. It becomes the first model of the company set up in 2016 to reach the production stage. The main idea is that large trips can be made without a loading structure.

In addition to talking about a car with an unattractive price, the brand will have to prove that the concept is worth the investment. The 12km promised for solar charging per hour will be insignificant in long journeys, and its effectiveness will always be dependent on weather conditions.

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