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Lightning Network is now on Apple Watch


Lightning Network is an important tool in the blockchain and cryptomoedas industry. This important technology is quite disruptive, but still needs more exposure and adoption by the public. Fortunately, it seems that we have important interesting products for technology.

Bluewallet, which is a portfolio specific to the Lightning Network, has made a major breakthrough in its development, launching a version of the application for Apple Watch , one of the most famous smart watches in the world. Users can make payments and transfers through QR codes simply and quickly.

It is worth remembering that the integration is experimental, even though Lightning Network technology has not been thoroughly tested and is still considered quite risky.

About this phase of testing, the product engineer and UX, Nuno Coelho, said:

“It’s a little experiment we’re doing to put wallets on the watch. The first few releases will be simple, allowing you to receive payments from Lightning. “

It is also interesting to note that Bluewallet takes its work very seriously, with a post in Medium written by Nuno Coelho himself, talking about the vision and the objective of Bluewallet in relation to the other portfolios in the market.

“We are deeply frustrated with the current situation of development of Bitcoin portfolios. Most of the wallets have become a show of shitcoins horrors. Taking users to purely speculative and useless tokens where creators are making a lot of money while the average user is being introduced to scams and scams, as well as being taken to the least interesting aspect of technology.

Wasting time, creating frustrations and lowering the adoption rate … We want to bring to the community a portfolio focused on the users and their uses. “

With the idealistic vision, Bluewallet can become a great company to take the adoption of the Lightning Network to new heights.

The idea is to continue developing the application after the initial phase.

“It is possible for this application to find a new space in the routine of the negotiators who use the Lightning Network, but we have to see. If the feedback is good, we’ll spend more time on the project. It’s an industry still at an early stage, so we’re trying to figure out how to create these things properly. “

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