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LG reveals first IPS monitors with 1ms response time for gaming


LG unveiled today the first monitors with IPS panel with 1 millisecond of response time. The new LG UltraGear came in 37.5 and 27 inch versions, and will come with high refresh rates – 175Hz and 144Hz, respectively.

These are monitors designed for gaming, both compatible with Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology. This is a technology designed to smooth the fast movements, both in gaming as in cinema consumption.

LG UltraGear Specifications

ScreenNano IPSNano IPS
Size27 inches37.5 inches
ResolutionQHD (2560×1440)QHD (3840×1440)
Brightness350 nits450 nits
Refresh Rate144Hz175Hz
Response Time1ms1ms
HDRHDR10Vesa DisplayHDR 400
Nvidia G-SYNCCompatibleCompatible
Display Port11
USB 3.033

The 37.5-inch model is curved and has a wide angle

The larger model features a wide-angle curved display, which will be an advantage for those seeking immersion in content. The 27-inch model misses its 350 nits brightness, which makes it “only” able to show content in HDR10.

The larger model also features Sphere Lighting 2.0. This is a technology similar to Philips Ambilight, with RGB lights on the back of the monitor that change color depending on what is being displayed.

lge ultragear 38

The main focus of the new monitors is the lightness of their experience. By combining a response time never before achieved in a panel of these, with a high refresh rate, they promise to be a treat for any more competitive player.

LG solves the problem of IPS monitors

In the world of LCD monitors, users have even split up between IPS (In-Plane Switching) and TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. The biggest disadvantage of IPS monitors was so far its response time, which LG seems to have solved with this release.

IPS screens dominated in their colors and viewing angles, but were set aside by players for their worst response time. With the problem solved, LG took away the great advantage of TN panels.

New monitors arrive in Europe in the third semester. Prices not disclosed

LG advanced that the new monitors will reach the European market during the third semester of this year. For the time being the manufacturer has not disclosed the prices at which they will be marketed.

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