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LG notes patent seeking to revolutionize your selfies

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LG produces the smartphones we’ve got used to not having in our pocket. Gone are the days of the LG G3, which many wielded with good results. After a transparent foldable smartphone , LG filed a patent for a device with three front chambers.

The patent was registered with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). Approved on Friday, looking at this diagram we see a device like so many others we have seen. The big difference is even the three chambers housed in its notch, which will want to revolutionize the quality with which you strip selfies.

LG patent three selfie front chambers

As for what can really make this camera setupdifferent, not a word. Although we do not know what the functions of each, following the pattern, we can have a main and a wide angle. The third sensor may well be a ToF lens (for depth).

Is this the successor of the LG V50 ThinQ?

This design is obviously speculative. The possible inclusion of the ToF lens makes sense, as far as the LG G8 has one on its rear. The design of this patent is very similar to the current tops of LG range, so this may well be the successor to the LG V50.

lg g8 thinq

Like the V50, here we have three rear chambers placed horizontally in the center. On the left side you can find the volume and button keys dedicated to Google Assistant. On the right side we have the on / off button and the input for SIM and microSD cards.

In addition to the three front chambers, the major difference in this patent is the non-inclusion of an audio input. That is, LG may also stop offering this door to the audiophiles who still ask for it. On the other hand, it is also time for LG to get rid of the biometric sensor at the rear.

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